ART WORLD by Catalina Lira

Catalina Lira is an artist, photographer and writer.

Artworks have been represented in the galleries in USA, England, France, India, Australia, Scotland, Jamaica
(Cork Gallery, 65th Broadway; Abraham Lubelski Gallery, 473 and Broadway Gallery, 450; Circular Art Gallery,
Nehru Center; The Noosa Gallery; East Hawaii Cultural Center, etc. ). 

Artworks have been invited for the cover of the books by the poets Annegret Kronenberg (ISBN 978-3-73-229116-8)
and Bernd Töpfer (ISBN -13: 978-1493519910, ISBN - 10:1493519913). 

A parts of the videos have been included in a program "Viviendo el Mar" (Channel La1 de TVE, Spain).